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Write to us to find out more about the   En Plein Air course and to book a visit to the Academy.

In this painting course, artist Santo Nania will teach students the fundamentals of en plein air painting through a series of outdoor classes. These meetings include easy-to-follow instruction, analysis of famous landscape paintings, and   on-site demonstrations to help students improve technical painting skills.

Course Structure

History of a Method

Painting “en Plein Air” is a pictorial method used especially by the Impressionists, who portrayed subjects and landscapes in the open air in order to render the particular vibration of light and atmosphere, discovering new color ranges.

The study of light

The objective of these meetings is to train the painter’s eye through the observation of light, which is constantly changing: reality is perceived as a juxtaposition of colors that influence each other, depending on the intensity of light and shadow areas.

To whom it is addressed

The course is aimed at all those who would like to try or deepen the experience of a different kind of painting from the one you devote yourself closed in your studio. Designed for both professionals and beginners, this workshop is ideal for the acquisition of a method to capture on canvas the effects of light of outdoor scenes.

Artist's bio

Santo Nania is a painter of figurative education that for many years has followed the study of portrait and landscape. The Sicilian artist who lives and works in Legnano (Mi), collaborates actively with organizations responsible for the dissemination of art through regional and national events, since 1979 he devoted himself to teaching painting by giving a great educational contribution to the students of major art schools.

Academic Course - full time

The main course of the Milan Academy of Art. A three-year course of study during which students have the opportunity to experience and deepen all the practical disciplines related to drawing with pencil and charcoal and oil painting, along with a plan of theoretical lessons related to anatomy, the study of color and art history. 

Figure Drawing - Saturday

MIAAC's Part-Time program is a professional drawing and painting course that provides a curriculum based on the Full-Time program model - consisting of practical drawing and painting disciplines - but managed in a more flexible manner and in a shorter period of time. 

Sculpture course

A flexible course that investigates all the mechanisms of the classical tradition related to drawing and sculpture, in order to provide the student with all the primary craft skills to be able to express themselves at their best.

Milan Academy of Art
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 52, Milano IT