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With the aim of providing our students with all the aesthetic and expressive resources of a professional artist, our course begins by teaching the most basic principles of representative drawing from life; starting with copying the famous lithographs of Charles Bargue, and moving on to the representation of classical statues and models from life, students will be able to learn the concepts of composition, proportion, direction of light and organization of values, thus facilitating the process of growth and making the transition to painting more natural. Once acquired the basics of observation and representation from life, in fact, the artists will have a first approach with the fundamentals of oil painting, through the study of color, materials and methods, to be put into practice then with the realization of still life, portraits and paintings to the first. All the exercises assigned are based on the skills and knowledge acquired during the previous exercise, thus giving the opportunity to reach the goals at your own pace through small manageable steps.

Our Courses

Academic Course - full time

The main course of the Milan Academy of Art. A three-year course of study during which students have the opportunity to experience and deepen all the practical disciplines related to drawing with pencil and charcoal and oil painting, along with a plan of theoretical lessons related to anatomy, the study of color and art history.

Intensive Course - Part-Time

MIAAC's Part-Time program is a professional drawing and painting course that provides a curriculum based on the Full-Time program model - consisting of practical drawing and painting disciplines - but managed in a more flexible manner and in a shorter period of time. 

Figure Drawing - Saturday

The course of copying from life proposed by the Milan Academy of Art is an intensive program focused on the technique of the figure from life, which takes place in the form of a workshop, for a duration of three hours every Saturday.

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