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The Milan Academy of Art’s Sculpture course is a flexible professional drawing and sculpture course, it is an intensive course consisting of 3 hours of daily supervised study 2 days a week. During these hours students will face an intensive curriculum composed of practical disciplines, related to drawing and sculpture, and theoretical subjects. 

The lessons, lasting 3 hours, will take place during Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The course the course is flexible and each student can take it at his or her own pace. The minimum duration of the course is 1 term.

Course Structure

Rediscovering tradition

Strongly inspired by the Italian ateliers of the XXVI century, the Sculpture Course at Milan Academy of the Art is made up of a broad curriculum that incorporates all the principles of the classical and realist traditions, equipping students with a solid foundation in sculpture, focusing on the development of primary craft skills.

From sheet to volumes in space

Using the classical method of combining sculpture and drawing each student has the opportunity to understand the complexity of forms in space, thanks to a monitored path through the various dimensions.

Technique as a tool for growth

The program encourages the use of observation and structural knowledge to develop a technical mastery that can allow you to create sculptural works independently.

A program suited for everyone

All of the assigned exercises are based on the skills and knowledge gained during the previous exercise, thus giving you the opportunity to achieve your goals at your own personal pace through small, manageable steps.

Milan Academy of Art
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 52, Milano IT