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the method

The Milan Academy of Art places at its
the value of experience as the driving force of teaching and of constant practice as a tool to achieve it.

A school that recalls the Renaissance ateliers where painters, draftsmen and sculptors tried their hand daily at reproducing the real thing.

An art with traditional roots, studied and practiced taking into account the individual personalities and different artistic approaches of the students as well as the masters.

In order to refine the experience and thus one’s own artistic sensitivity, the MIAAC method is based on doing, as in the art workshops, on putting oneself into play with the daily practice of the expressive techniques of realism and figurative art that characterized the Renaissance.


A method that does not want only the theoretical and abstract study, but privileges the comparison and dialogue with the surrounding world and thus its immediate representation, through the imitation of models from life, both drawings and two-dimensional representations and real live statues.

A way of doing guided by the senses, by sight and by one’s own perception, which wants to strive for that model of representation of nature that only practice can refine, and so the study of its techniques such as proportion, gesture and form that the Renaissance has placed as fundamental pillars of art.

Our values

Experience, practice, realism guide the school's method. These are values that influence teaching and confrontation and that are put into practice within real art workshops, creative spaces and comparison in which students and teachers dialogue, train their techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture, exchange feedback and refine their experience and their artistic sensibility.

Milan Academy of Art
Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 52, Milano IT